How Social Media affects SEO

24 Aug How Social Media affects SEO

Many people nowadays use social media sites including Facebook and the like.

In fact, most people enjoy spending time on their social media and networking profiles, and this means that your business should have a voice on these sites. The more people you can get to follow your business comments on social media sites, watch your videos, and like your pictures, the more these people will follow links to your website. This improves and increases your back linking which will boost your SEO.


Because of the social proof that Google now uses to rate your website, recommendations are important for improving the authority factor to your website. With social media sites linked to your website it will help to have your clients and customers rating your products, commenting on your business and just getting a general increase in conversation rate for your business. All of this will help your SEO dramatically as now you have social proof; you have become an author authority on your subject. Google and other search engines will look at the number of people you follow and the number of people following you, as well as how many likes you have compared to other sites of the same type and rank you accordingly. If you are competing for top position with a similar site and you have more likes, then your site will have a higher ranking.

Ensure that you have Good Content

With social media being important for the SEO process, it is a given that good quality content is important as well. The content on your website or blog is more crucial than ever because the entire point of improving your social proof is to get people to share your content and if you have poor content no one will share it. The content does not necessarily have to be stuffed with keywords like before. In fact you should not overuse keywords at all. It is recommended that your keyword density is between 1 and 2%.

Viral Marketing

It is important using your various social media networks to build relationships with your customers and clients and this in turn will lead you to get more customers. New customers will find you through their friends and through friends of friends. This is what it means to go viral, and this is what you want in order for your SEO to improve and your ranking to improve.